Blethertoun Braes

Manky Mingin Rhymes fae a Scottish Toun

-a musical performance for P4-7s created by Sonsie Music

Music and additional text by Joanna Nicholson.  Poems edited by Matthew Fitt and James Robertson, with illustrations by Bob Dewar.  Published by Itchy Coo.

Sonsie Music is proud to take ye for a musical day oot in Blethertoun Braes!   

Primary 4-7s’ll hae a fun-filled fifty minutes of modern poetry in Scots brought alive with original music for clarinet and bassoon (and audience too).

Blethertoun Braes is a toun like any other toun in Scotland - almost!  It has a primary school, a cafe, a railway station, shops and a supermarket, and many other places where the local people come and go.  There’s never a dull moment in Blethertoun Braes, with its daft young folk and gallus ghaists, not to mention the other weird and wunnerful characters you’ll meet.  What will you make of Colonel Swithering-Gitt, the local laird (he’s too posh to speak Scots) or the puir cauld Fish-Gutter Quine?

These and other characters will be introduced in witty Scots verse selected from the anthology, with live music and plenty of audience participation.

Some of our musical helpers from St. Mary’s Primary in Hamilton.