Cello by Charlie and Fire-breathing dragon by Ben

"Excellent – all children were totally engrossed. Will definitely want you to return."  Montfleurie Primary, Fife

"This show received great response from both the children and the staff!  It was certainly very different from the usual theatre troupes.  We were amazed that the infants sat so well. The children really liked when they were asked to do things.  Thanks for such an enjoyable afternoon.  Long live live music!"  North Queensferry Primary

"Very professional and enjoyable. Excellent sound effects to describe parts of the story and characters.  Expressive narration and mime engaged the audience. Liked the way the clarinettist moved around and between the children.  Audience participation helped maintain interest.  Staff appreciated the fact that it was classical music played – a change for them.  All the children were enthusiastic and enjoyed it – some are considering taking up instruments. We enjoyed it!" Paradykes Primary, Loanhead

"Children and staff report most favourably – everyone learned and enjoyed at the same time." Tollcross Primary, Edinburgh

"Very much enjoyed by the children and the staff. Excellent musicianship."  Springfield Primary

"Even the young children really enjoyed the show and understood the storyline."  Warout Primary, Glenrothes

"Very enjoyable. Liked when evil spell-maker came into audience. Liked joining in being knights. Enjoyed hearing cello, violin, clarinet and percussion. Very good story teller. Come back soon with another story."  P 1&2 Shiskine Primary, Isle of Arran

"Really enjoyed the performance, excellent story telling with a good balance of music and pupil involvement.  Appreciate that you had taken the time to set the story in the area." P 3&4 Shiskine Primary

"Great spooky acting. Enjoyed the bit where storyteller suddenly dropped dead. Liked the evil guy running amongst crowd. The music was good.  Arran connection was a great idea.  Enjoyed participating."  P 5,6&7 Shiskine Primary

"As part of the 5-14 curriculum the children have to evaluate and appreciate music. Your performance gave us a real situation for the children to do this."   Pirnmill Primary, Arran

"This was an excellent production, greatly enjoyed by primaries four, five, six and seven and staff. The performers brought it to life as if it was ‘a true story’ (Ealana P5). Scott in P6 felt the musicians ‘danced with their bodies’ as they played.  It was a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment and we are grateful to everyone involved."  Brodick Primary, Arran


In addition to our many performances in schools, we’ve also played at:

  1. Howden Park Centre, Livingston

  2. Buckie Festival

  3. Highland libraries and community centres

  4. North Lanarkshire Libraries

  5. Aberdeen Storytelling Festival

  6. Skye Festival

  7. Aberdour Festival

  8. Crail Festival

  9. Byre Theatre, St. Andrews

  10. The Ark, Dublin

  11. Inspiration and Wee Inspiration Festivals, Glasgow

  12. Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival

  13. The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

  14. Leeds Children's Festival

  15. Fife Children and Families Festival

  16. Inverness Book Festival

Sonsie Music has been on the go since 2002, and we’ve given hundreds of performances in venues right across Scotland. Our shows are for YOU, so we play throughout the year, and flex to fit in any available space.

Last summer we played in a bus, at Fife Children and Families Festival.

Feedback from previous shows...

Dances of Okonanta

"an absolutely wonderful experience for pupils and teachers.  The performers were able to hold all the children spellbound, despite the wide age range.  We hope very much to see Sonsie Music again."  Strachur Primary

"the children really enjoyed the performance.  Staff thought it was excellent.  Very talented performers." Lennoxtown Primary

"The day was fantastic!  Very positive, enthusiastic presenters - please come again." Inveraray Primary

"Both workshops and performance were brilliant!  Looking forward to having you back." Merkland School (special), Kirkintilloch

"All areas of expressive arts were incorporated in this production.  The children really enjoyed participating in the creation of the masks and the dance at the end of the performance.  The imaginitive/spiritual aspects of the story were helpful with P.S.P." Gallowhill Primary

"A super production enjoyed by all.  Come again!" Newmains Primary

"The children found the performance very entertaining and thoroughly appreciated being able to join in." Newmains Primary

"Sonsie Music worked with almost 100 children over a four day period.  This culminated in a very successful performance which was shared with parents and guests.  The children had a wonderful time.  It is a major strength of the project that the experience included mask-making, music and dance.  This allowed the less confident to find one area they particularly enjoyed.

Jo, Alan and Jane were knowledgeable, professional and positive at all times.  They had a good grasp of pitching the material appropriately for the age and ability of the children.  They were approachable, adaptable and had a good understanding of necessary last minute changes in a school's timetable.

A very positive aspect of the visit was the expansion of many pupil's horizons.  Initially, several boys were very reluctant to participate in the dance.  However, by the time of the performance, they were elbowing each other out of the front row!

Sonsie Music was a wonderful experience for the children.  Increased skills and self-confidence, peppered with fun and laughter, made it an unforgettable week for staff and pupils alike.  Thank you!" Gordon Primary, Huntly

The Midge That Saved The Day

At Invergordon Library, taking part in a summer activities programme

"We all – pupils and teachers – thoroughly enjoyed The Midge That Saved The Day. The music was fantastic." Tillicoultry Primary

"This was one of the best music groups we have had. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism you displayed, the rapport you established with the children, and your obvious skill. It is no mean feat to entertain a wide range of children from P1 to P7 – and you managed to enthral the adults as well! Please come again!"  Strachur Primary

"Excellent story teller, a simple story, well-told with top rate musical backing and a good dose of humour thrown in.  Rosie’s facial expressions were a delight and Colin the Midge displayed great comic talent. Jo held the children’s attention and got her points across without moralising.  Well done!"  King’s Meadow Primary, Haddington

"First class." Small Isles Primary, Jura

"An excellent performance by three very talented young people which kept all the children spellbound.  We were impressed with your ability to tell a story through the media of music, oral story telling and very imaginative role play.  Keep us on your mailing list!"  Strath of Appin Primary

"Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The story was delivered at a lively pace and held our attention throughout.  The story content was appropriate for the mixed age range with something for everyone. The provision for audience participation made it fun for the children to contribute to the story and there was scope to encourage them to use their imagination.  We will certainly follow up the performance with writing and illustrations next week." Arinagour Primary, Coll

"A great experience for our primary pupils, and we are really grateful that you volunteered your time after the performance to work with the high school music club."  Tiree Primary

Merlin and the Lady of the Loch