A Moose In The Hoose

A Moose In The Hoose is specially written for the youngest members of the school (up to P3), including the nursery. We've taken the book and set it to music for bassoon, clarinet and.....audience! The children will see the pictures, learn numbers in Scots from 1 to 20, then 100 and 1000, and hear the Scots names and musical themes for each of the animal characters in a traditional-style storytime setting.  But they won’t be sat on their bahookies for long, as Jo and Simon need help with holding up the numbers,

The performance has a nice intimate feel, where individual children can feel at ease to contribute their own comments and actions, and we like to keep the audience numbers to a maximum of 60.  The show lasts about 40mins, and we can follow on with workshops that develop the music and Scots language content.

The development of A Moose In The Hoose was supported by

plus there's lowping to be done, jigging like a partan, lookin for glaikit yowes....and Jo is STILL hoping that someday she'll win the ratton baton race - although somehow the bairns always beat her...The grand finale is a song with actions for everybody.  And of course, we need lots of help throughout from our wee audience members.